Savannah Sapphire

The next shoot of 2021 was something of an opportunist one. I’d been admiring Savannah’s work for a long time, but as she was based in London and highly in demand it was always going to be hard to arrange something that would coincide both with free time on my park and a free slot in her schedule.

Out of the blue though I received an automated e-mail from Purpleport to let me know that Savannah was staying locally for a few days and looking for shoots. I figured chances like this don’t come about very often, so dropped her a message and before I knew it we had a couple of hours booked at the little Air BnB she was staying in.

The day of the shoot came along and as always, I found myself super nervous. I get like this at the best of times, let alone with a model whose work you often find inspiring and someone you’re desperate to impress!

The first set we shot was in the bedroom area and very much in an adult/erotica type style. Perhaps not the easiest theme for me to start the shoot with and for my skill level I struggled a bit in the space and the lack of natural light. I wish I’d bought my flash (and was a more competent photographer!).

Moving on from there into the conservatory we continued with some simple portraits and lingerie and with the light so much better I finally began to relax and enjoy what was going on. By the end of the session we were really vibing and I think this is when we produced the best shots.

Following is a selection from the morning and I hope you’ll like them. Savannah is an awesome model and I’d thoroughly recommend working with her. She’s professional, hard working and a super nice person.

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