Sim City

I thought I’d squeeze one last blog entry in before the year’s end, so firstly I hope that you all had a very merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy 2023 ahead!

September 2021 came about and once again I received an invite to photograph Fashion’s Finest at London Fashion Week. I knew (thanks to Covid) that I wouldn’t be heading to Thailand this year, so decided to take a couple days leave and make it a long weekend in London. The plan being a) Photograph the show b) Do some street photography and c) Work with a London based model. This posting is about C!

The intention for this shoot was to explore a little more of the erotica and sensual imagery that I’d tried on a couple of occasions over the past year. I stayed in the same hotel as I did when shooting an anonymous model half a year prior, though this I wasn’t planning to be quite as explicit.

I’d been conversing with Sim for several months via a modelling/photography site and our conversations were really positive. We’d agreed we’d shoot if we got the chance and this trip seemed like the perfect opportunity. Sim has since stepped back a bit from this kind of work, so please forgive the lack of links to her portfolios. I’d like to allow some anonymity, something which actually tends to work well with this kind of theme anyway.

We shot for a couple of hours and had a complete blast – in fact, we lost track of time and didn’t shoot half of the ideas we’d had before we started. Afterward we headed out for a bite to eat and got to know each other a bit better.

I don’t know if Sim will ever return to modelling quite as she was doing when we first met, but should she do then I’d like to say she comes highly recommended. A lovely personality and great work ethic.

I hope you’ll like some of the images – especially the shot when we got brave for a minute and headed into the hotel corridor!

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