The Beginning

Well, here’s the first entry on my blog and I think we’ll keep it short and simple until I begin to work out how things work!

It was my friends birthday at the end of November. Not a significant birthday this year other than it unfortunately falls upon the anniversary of a close friend who died 9 years ago in a car accident.  (9 years? Where did that go?).  I don’t get to see as much of my friends as I used to, and although I don’t enjoy drinking like I used too either,  there was no way I would miss out on the opportunity to see everyone.  I suppose I don’t need to go into much detail other than that it was messy.  In preparation I had booked the following Monday off work in order to recover.  I had also decided that I could go on a hike near Dartmeet and maybe even head over to Vennford Reservoir to explore the brook.  As you may have already guessed, not much of this happened.

I surfaced about midday and couldn’t contemplate driving for at least another hour.  I got in the car and headed west toward the high moor only be immediately confronted by the rain hammering down against my car windscreen.  Undeterred I plugged on.  And it got heavier.

I finally arrived at Dartmeet about 2pm ish and it was already nearly dark.  So, I decided I’d just go for a walk (hangover cure?) and followed the river about 30 minutes downstream.  I only took two pictures, and whilst neither are special, they’re a reminder of the day, and of the great fun I had with my friends 24 hours before hand. The hangover, on this occasion, was worth it.

River Dart, Dartmeet
Wash Away The Pain
River Dart, Dartmeet

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