The New Year … and Middle Earth.

Well, New Year has come and gone. The truth is, I hate this time of year. Christmas and New Year are the only highlights, and New Year itself is always rather underwhelming. This time 5 years ago I was in the middle of an adventure overseas (lots of posts about that will follow in due course!) and I saw the New Year in at Sydney Harbour. This year: Moretonhampstead. Sigh.

With adventure in mind I decided to go and find the “secret waterfalls”. Not much of a secret really (after all, I figured out where they are!) but I think it would be better to not reveal the exact location other than that it’s in the middle of Hobbit country on Dartmoor. They’re getting quite well photographed now so I certainly can’t lay claim to an original shot either.

This is by no means my best photography. I dropped a filter in the river, had ISO and focusing issues, and after all this probably picked the wrong time to be there anyway! Still, there’s something rewarding about finding a location off your own back and there’s a feel of satisfaction about finally getting to this spot.

Happy New Year!

Secret waterfall in a remote Devon valley … or is it Middle Earth?
Secret waterfall in a remote Devon valley … or is it Middle Earth?

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