It’s been a little while since I last posted and although I’ve had the images ready, it’s been a struggle to find the time to sit down and write some words to go with them. That’s not something I usually struggle with but my mind has been completely pre-occupied for the past few months with work, lockdown and an absence of almost anything that I’d really like to spend my time doing. Not much of a fun combination!

So, back to 2019’s trip and for the first full day I had in Bangkok I had a photoshoot booked in with Apitsara. Apitsara (or Sara for short) had begun following me on on Instagram a while ago and was connected to a modelling tuition service that Alice had begun to offer through 2018. I had really enjoyed my shoot with Alice back in 2017 and I jumped at the chance to work with Sara as I thought she had heaps of potential.

With it being the first day there wasn’t much opportunity to scout the local area and I found ourselves executing a very similar plan to the one I’d done with Dia way back in 2016. From the hotel we did a loop of the local Soi’s and Sukhumvit Road. Following that we went back to the hotel and jumped into the rooftop pool. We were lucky to have it to ourselves and not only was it a great location, but it was so nice to have somewhere to cool down! Finishing off the shoot we headed back to my room for a quick lingerie set in the fading light.

Shooting with Sara was so much fun. We were both a bit tense and nervous at the start, but the longer the afternoon went on the more relaxed we became and by the time we got to the pool it was like shooting with a good friend.

After we said our goodbyes for the day we continued chatting on Facebook and as it turned out, Sara was headed back my way in the evening. We made arrangements to meet for a drink and chat and ended up having a very messy night as she introduced me to one of her friends and the drinks flowed as well danced the night away. I think it was about 5am before I made it back to the hotel! All in all a pretty perfect first day and night!

I wouldn’t shoot again until Pattaya near the end of my trip and although I’d work with some fine models there, Sara really was very special. I hope very much I can work again with her once Covid comes to an end and I can finally make it back.

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