Those Winter Streets

Back to the beginning of 2019 and my first images of the year.

I’d been contacted by my friend Abz who was planning a video for his You Tube channel.  He’d been planning a ‘5 minute portrait’ series and the first shoot he had scheduled in was with Jaime.  Abz asked me to come along and film it for him.  Obviously as good friends of both, I was more than happy to help.  As Jaime lives outside Exeter, I’d promised I’d drop her home after the shoot too.

To see the final video, click here.  For 5 minutes they did great.  The funniest thing about it for me is that of the series Abz was planning, this is still the only episode 1 1/2 years later!  Come on Abz – make another!

After we were done filming, Jaime and I headed back to mine where I’d left my car.  Before we left though, we had enough time for our own mini shoot.  Jaime had a really cool wig and we figured we’d try to get some new images different to anything we’d captured previously.

It was a dull and dark winter’s afternoon and we walked only a few minutes away onto the industrial estate my house backs onto.  Fortunately the dim day and deserted streets worked perfectly with the styling and colours Jaime had chosen.  We only shot about 20 minutes ourselves, but in that time came away with plenty of photos I was happy with.  The mood of them makes me think of how a shoot in America might turn out for some reason!


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