Back to Phuket

After those first few mad days in Bangkok it’s time to head down to Phuket. Bangkok is amazing, but after only 3 or 4 days I’ve had enough and I can’t wait to see the sea, find a bit of space and enjoy some cleaner air.

Usually I’ll spend around 10 days in the islands before heading back up to Pattaya for some photoshoots. Phuket would be the perfect place to do some model shooting too, but for some reason it’s something I haven’t been able to manage yet. It’s party because all of the models I’m in contact with are Pattaya/Bangkok based, but also because I get very, very lazy. I did actually pluck up the courage to ask a girl in a GoGo bar if she wanted to meet the following day to shoot (she’d have been amazing) but I think she had other ideas for how she would have preferred to spend the time! (I declined on that front, I promise!). Truth is, once I hit Patong all I really want to do is enjoy the beach and some wild nights out!

Phuket does give me an opportunity though for a few things the rest of the trip doesn’t and that’s the chance to shoot some beach sunsets. I usually aim to get at least three on each trip, however that’s sometimes easier said than done … I’ve noticed that if it’s going to rain in Phuket, the most likely time is bang on sunset!

So, here’s a selection of photos from just over a week in Phuket and a nice little variety. Patong beach sunsets, Patong Surf House and Bangla Road madness. Not many though … I was too busy relaxing!

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