Pattaya, Mountains and Buddha

As you will have worked out from the last post with May, after Phuket I was back in Pattaya again for the final week (well, nearly a week) of my stay in Thailand.

Pattaya is just perfect for arranging shoots with models and the work I do here tends to keep me busy editing wise for months and months post trip. On this occasion I would work with three different models. May you have already seen and soon to be shared will be Nanlisa and Fernie.

It’s easy to get into a routine in Pattaya, waking up late, grabbing a coffee then sitting by the pool until evening and then finding a bar with music and beer into the early hours. I was determined this time though to break it up a little and explore a bit. Not much, just a bit!

I had ideas of visiting the Sanctuary of Truth which I’d heard good things about, but in the end through sheer laziness that evaded me. I did however hike up to Phra Tamnak Mountain (Khao Phra Phuttabat) overlooking the city. Of course, it’s more a big hill than mountain, but the view over the city is pretty great. It’s hard to imagine the sprawling urban landscape was only a fishing village back in the 70’s.

Thinking I was clever I tried to walk back on a short cut I’d seen on Google maps earlier in the day … and promptly got lost! It took a longggg time to find my way back to the hotel, but I got there eventually!

On my first trip I can’t say I especially liked Pattaya, but there’s something about it that keeps drawing me back. It’s exciting. Every time I visit now though, I wonder what will have changed since my last visit. I have to say, 2019’s trip was strange in that Pattaya was a lot quieter than I’d ever seen before and a lot of places I’d seen the previous year had closed. I can only imagine how much worse that has become due to Covid.

I hope for everyones sake Thailand can find their way through the vaccination process and the return to normality is not as far away as we all fear.

I’ll be back just as soon as I can.

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