In 2017 I shot with May Warwar in Pattaya and it had turned into a really great shoot with a huge variety of images. May was such a nice person and we’d stayed in contact for a while with a promise to shoot again on a future return to Thailand. Sadly, 2018’s trip didn’t work out as May had been in France around the time I was visiting (plus I was suffering from food poisoning!) but when 2019’s travels came about May was high on the list to shoot with once more.

I still remember walking down into the hotel reception to see May waiting for me. We’d only met for the first time a couple of years before, but it was like meeting an old friend. May is one of the most enthusiastic models I’ve worked with and her passion and energy for shooting really inspired, getting me excited too for what we could create together.

May arrived with a huge suitcase absolutely full of outfits. I had thought we might only shoot 2 or sets tops. In the end we shot nearer 7 or 8! Bikinis were supplied by ‘Sparklies Bikini’s‘ a designer friend of May’s and she had some epic stuff.

I think from here I’ll let the images do the talking, there’s quite a lot covering swimwear in the late golden afternoon night and dusk through to fashion and boudoir images shot in the hotel room once night hit.

As in 2017, May really blew me away with her positivity and professionalism and I thoroughly recommend working with her to any travelling photographer. I certainly aim to do so if Covid ever ends!

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