I’ve already shared my shoot with May on this years trip to Pattaya, but the first shoot of my week there was actually with a close friend of hers – Nan-Lisa. I have May to thank for putting in a good word for me and helping me to arrange it.

Nan-Lisa is an incredible model and I was super excited to have a chance to work with her. Pretty nervous too. I could see from her Instagram that she’d shot with some really great travelling photographers previously and I was worried I wouldn’t quite meet those same high standards!

Shooting with Nan was such a pleasure though and really relaxed. We began as usual, working outside and making the most of the gorgeous late afternoon Thai sunshine. I didn’t have any locations in mind, but as we walked the neighbourhood we found a derelict site next to my hotel (formerly a McDonald’s) and decided to use that. We then returned to the hotel to shoot some swimwear. Unfortunately the light didn’t hold out for that set, but we shot a few frames anyway (just bad timing … the sun goes down quick at this latitude!).

After the pool we returned to my room to shoot a more sensual, boudoir type set. I tried a few anonymous type images to get a different mood and we experimented a bit. Lastly we finished up with a few single light portraits.

I remember being nervous before this shoot not knowing how Nan would take to me. Would she think I was an idiot completely out of my depth? I shouldn’t have worried. She was as friendly and sweet as could be and she made me feel relaxed and comfortable with her. By the end of the shoot we were teasing and laughing with each other like old friends.

Nan is a fantastic model and I really can’t wait until Covid is behind us and I can once again shoot with her!

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