Leaves of Autumn

Originally I was going to share the first portrait shoot I did of 2020, but those plans have changed and I’ll be keeping that one private. Instead I’m going to move closer to the end of the year and the changing of the seasons as Autumn started to take hold.

It’s a time of year that I find really beautiful, but I also find it sad as I really hate Winter and I know this is just the beginning of that. Most years I’ll avoid this by jetting off somewhere warm, but 2020 (and 2021 of course!) that couldn’t happen and there was no avoiding it.

Despite the opportunity being there, I’d still likely have chosen a warm coffee shop over heading out with my camera but my friends Elliye and Steven had other ideas and decided to drag me out to Mamhead for a walk in the mist. It was an opportunity to get the last of the colour and fly our drones.

In honestly, we spent most of the day just chatting as we walked around. Due to the damn pandemic I haven’t seen either of them nearly as much as I’d have liked these past couple of years. We did pull the cameras and drones out for a few shots though and you can see them below.

Fun as this was, I hope I’m somewhere hot again for Autumn 2022!

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