Fashionable Times In London Town

For the second year running (if we skip the year Covid landed!) I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to support Shokushu Boutique at Fashions Finest, a part of London Fashion Week. As before, I’d be taking some photos and putting my own spin on things.

Although I was happy with the story of my shots overall last time, it wasn’t easy to photograph on the catwalk and I was more than a little concerned I wouldn’t get the classic shots that you see regularly from these kind of events. Fortunately there were lots of photographers in place so I needn’t have worried!

This time the location was St John’s Church near Hyde Park. A really magnificent venue with a great backdrop. The only trouble was it was an incredible squeeze at the end of the runway and once in, I wasn’t able to move again which rather limited what I could do.

There’s not too many words with this post as there’s truly not an awful lot to say. The images following give an overview of some of what I saw and there were some incredible outfits on display.

I’m probably bias, but my favourites were all from Shokushu Boutique – they really did a fantastic job and me wanting to shout them out is probably the main reason for including this on my blog. If you’re not familiar with their work then I’d highly recommend visiting their website to learn more.

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